A personalised service to help take your business to the next level

Welcome to Business Steps, we are business development consultants  providing a personalised service to local business owners.

We offer a new dynamic and refreshingly different approach to the provision of vital business services. By combining Accountants & Business Consultants and now Media and Marketing specialists, we are able to offer a complete management and business development system to your business.

We prepare various reports, which are analysed to highlight areas of your business performance, strengths & weaknesses. We then revisit you to discuss the results of the analysis and make recommendations based on them.

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Time is your most precious resource. With Business Edge and the services available to you we will make sure you both save and maximise valuable time..


Whether it’s Tax, VAT, or a full business development and marketing package we will always ensure you never pay more than you have to.


Our teams have numerous years of experience in every aspect of business from the grass roots and up. We’ll put all those years of experience behind your business.


Your Business Operations Blueprint

A business is a collection of systems and procedures put in place in order to generate a regular income. The better the systems, the more automated the income generation becomes.

 If someone asked you how many ways can you make money you might think ‘Oh, lots!’ but in truth there are only four.

The business owner has only two functions – marketing and innovation. By taking care of the back office systems and procedures, we enable you to concentrate on these.

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I really don’t need to tell you how important business plans, marketing plans, goal setting, and mission statements are (do I?)

You already know, you probably also already know how to write one (not as good as ours are though!)

But you haven’t got any of the above and will probably never get round to writing one, so you will never truly develop your businesses full potential.

Not to worry, we will do it for you….and then use it to help you to grow and develop your business.

Want a sample business viability report for free – let me put MY money where my mouth is – click HERE to contact us to get the ball rolling and see how we can be of use to you.


If you haven’t got customers you haven’t got a business

I am sure you have customers, but do you have a database detailing you customers and beyond

If you haven’t, we will help you amass one and if you have, we will help you to develop it and improve it

Then we will show you how to use it to make money

Trade Finance

Get approved for a business credit facility of £1,000 – £50,000

It takes minutes, costs nothing and there are no commitments.



I am sure you have heard how many people are earning money on line selling all sorts of things.

Annoying isn’t it, especially when you really,really want one but don’t have the time to set it up and then manage it.

Luckily for you, we have an in house department that will create the web site(s) and all the add on extras. Then they will market the site for you and manage it for as long as you need them to.

All you have to do is provide pictures and descriptions of the stock you wish to sell along with prices and delivery terms.

The internet marketing team and techies will do the rest including managing the on line shop and payments.

Once goods are sold, you will receive details of the order to post out and the payment will be transferred to you as and when you want it (daily, weekly, monthly)

If and when you want to take control of the site and run it in house, you simply pay the agreed fee for the site and it’s all yours.

Interested, click HERE to contact us now.

Business Edge Media Ltd are able to take your business to the stars!

We offer everything video, corporate brochures, product promotions, movie making and everything you need to promote your business via TV.

We also offer full social media marketing plans.

Not only do we take you through every stage of the promotion we stay with you to help you plan and implement your own business development and profit enhancement strategy.

We can even give you your own channel

Don’t think that your firm is too small to take advantage of our systems, call for a quick chat and we will tell you how you can get involved and develop a fantastic business.

Want to know more?

Simply visit our contact page, fill in your details, and we’ll have a local representative contact you as soon as possible. Taking the right steps to making your business more profitable and successful simply couldn’t be easier. CLICK HERE!

Learn more about Accounts Direct by visiting the website. It’s full of useful information on not only the various services offered but it’s also rammed with many free resources for the business owner. Simply click the logo to visit.

Visit the Business Edge Media Online TV channel to see examples of many of the products and services we offer. Items on our TV channel can also be uploaded to other social media platforms.