We don’t just advise, we do!

Often guiding directors and shareholders through a wide range issues & difficulties.

We adapt andadvise as circumstances dictate, draw up a check list and assign jobs to our in-house specialists

This is key to our high success rate and how we have been able to identify problems, find solutions and avoid insolvency for many of our clients.

Even if insolvency is the only option, we stay with you and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, thereby avoiding unnecessary problems with government bodies, liquidators & receivers

We also help growing and expanding companies to develop their business in a methodical and structured way, planning and introducing everything from marketing to operations and help to present projects for finance

We aim to deliver tailored solutions that protect your companies and meet your goals.

The Cohesion Partnership – helping businesses in their time of need


If the company is fundamentally sound, we look to implement a recovery plan to streamline the business and maximise profits.


A CVA is a legal arrangement between the company and its creditors and must be arranged and supervised by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. It is our job to negotiate with the creditors and assure them that the arrangement is the best way forward.

Business finance:

All businesses require funding, but not all businesses will get it. Traditional lines of credit have become more difficult for an SME. We are able to offer alternative funding and introduce new sources of cash to expanding or hard-pressed businesses including crowd funding and private investors

Recovery plan:

A well-constructed business recovery plan allows a company to improve its cash flow situation and trade out of its troubles.

A new financial strategy is communicated to all of the companies’ creditors so that they are kept in the picture and the client has time to ‘breathe’

Insolvency or striking off:

The directors of a company will sometimes require it to be liquidated, which we can guide the director

The Cohesion Partnership experience

We offer a unique franchise investment by providing a wide range of services for our clients and of course, ensuring our advice meets their needs. The directors of companies with problems are too busy to see the bigger picture or have time to investigate the possible solutions – that is where we come in. Not only is it financially rewarding but a pleasure to see failing businesses turn around with our help.

Pre-pack administration:

A pre-pack is an effective method of administration and allows the transfer of assets to a new or third party company so that the old company can be liquidated. A pre-pack can enable a profitable business to trade without disruption through the insolvency process, protecting staff jobs and business goodwill.

Business disposal:

To sell a business involves a number of factors. We have access to people looking to buy businesses and are able make quick sales for our clients.

The Cohesion Partnership – our team

We bring the experience of accountants, lawyers, marketing experts & recovery specialists to provide you with the best service possible